DiskGetor Data Recovery

DiskGetor Data Recovery

High-end recovery tool with the most sophisticated data retrieval algorithms
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Frustrating as it is, accidental loss or deletion of your valuable data – even by formatting a disk partition – is no longer permanent. DiskGetor Data Recovery offers you the most advanced recovery algorithms to help you bring back to life all those files that you thought lost forever. It performs deep scans of your drives to locate file headers, catalog files, CHK files, and partition information that it will use to retrieve what seemed unrecoverable data.

DiskGetor Data Recovery is an excellent combination of wizard-like recovery processes suitable for all and custom restoration processes recommended to expert users only. Both tasks, however, benefit from the same set of high-end sophisticated algorithms. These are responsible for the excellent data recovery rates offered by this tool. Thus, it can retrieve damaged files and those deleted from the recycle bin or by using Shift+Del, retrieve formatted data and partitions and unformat them, as well as recover deleted, lost, and repartitioned drives. With the program’s unformat, undelete, partition table scan, FAT catalog restructuring, and according-to-type recovery algorithms, very few data can be considered definitely unrecoverable today.

The program offers you a numbered and easy-to-follow wizard interface that provides efficient and clear guidance through an otherwise stressful experience. It allows you to search for specific file types and to scan only specific sectors and drives. The beauty of this wizard-like approach is that you are kept informed at all times of the relevance and the consequences of each new step you take.

DiskGetor Data Recovery is a high-end recovery tool with a wide array of the most sophisticated data retrieval algorithms. It is not an inexpensive piece of software, but quality is never cheap. I recommend you to give the free trial version a try – it won’t truly recover any of your lost data but it will tell you if it can be effectively recovered or not.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wizard-like interface that not only guides you but also keeps you informed at all times
  • Excellent-quality data recovery algorithms to recover files, partitions, drives, etc
  • Allows you to select which file types to retrieve
  • High-end performance regardless of how the data was lost
  • Supports all types of drives, both internal and external


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